Xiaomi - Spotify Style

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This sleek Samsung case protects your phone from scratches, dust, oil and dirt. It has a reinforced back and flexible sides that make it easier to turn on and off, and precisely aligned port openings.

• BPA-free hybrid material made of polyurethane (TPU) and polycarbonate (PC)
• Strong polycarbonate back
• Flexible, transparent polyurethane sides
• 0.5 mm raised aperture
• Compatible with wireless charging



Why should you order?

# 1 Quality

Our silicone covers protect your phone from dirt and scratches!

She does not discolor itself, and has a top quality!

# 2 Personalized

Nothing is beautiful, as something very personal!

With your own picture and your unique song, you can hold special moments


Hold your most beautiful moments, with our cell phone cases!